10 Best Fall Activities at Hilltop Castle

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10 Best Fall Activities at Hilltop Castle

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Embracing Autumn’s Charms:

10 Enchanting Activities at Hilltop Castle


As the leaves begin their vibrant transformation, Hilltop Castle becomes a haven for fall enthusiasts. Explore the top 10 activities that capture the essence of autumn amidst the castle’s enchanting surroundings:


Warm Waters in Cool Weather: Take a dip in the heated pools and savor the unique experience of swimming surrounded by the crisp fall air. Enjoy the warmth while embracing the changing seasons.


Leaf Peeping Paradise: Fall is synonymous with breathtaking landscapes, making it the ideal time for leaf peeping at Hilltop Castle. Revel in the stunning hues that paint the castle grounds in a tapestry of reds, oranges, and golds.


Farmers Market Excursion: Visit local farmers markets in Hawley on Fridays, Narrowsburg on Saturdays, and Callicoon on Sundays. Immerse yourself in the vibrant fall harvest, stocking up on the freshest ingredients for a taste of the season.


Foliage-Filled Rafting Adventure: Experience the Delaware River in all its fall glory with a rafting trip. Navigate the river amidst the striking autumn foliage, creating a picturesque backdrop for your outdoor adventure.


Capture Fall Memories: Schedule a family photoshoot and preserve the beauty of your fall vacation. Inquire about our recommended photographers to encapsulate the magic of autumn at Hilltop Castle.


Autumnal Feast at The Heron: Indulge in a farm-to-table culinary experience at The Heron in Narrowsburg. Enjoy an autumnal feast that showcases the best of seasonal flavors in a charming setting. Big groups, make reservations early.


Quest through Legend of the Lost Kingdom: Dive into the immersive escape room-style game within Hilltop Castle. Legend of the Lost Kingdom, spanning two hours, challenges your wits as you unravel mysteries throughout the castle.


Medieval Culinary Delights: Engage Cuisine Rustique, our dedicated catering team, to prepare a medieval feast. Elevate your dining experience with a spread inspired by the rich culinary history of the castle.


Thaddeus’ Mystery & Fun: Enlist Thaddeus for an evening of intrigue with a murder mystery game or embark on a lively scavenger hunt. Let the castle grounds be the backdrop for an unforgettable adventure.


Scenic Hiking and Picnicking: Explore the castle’s trails, leading to picturesque picnic areas. Hike amidst the fall foliage, relishing the tranquility and beauty that autumn brings to Hilltop Castle.


Celebrate the splendors of fall at Hilltop Castle, where every activity is imbued with the magic of the season. From culinary delights to outdoor adventures, make your autumn retreat a truly enchanting experience.


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