Make your trip to Hilltop GREAT with a variety of activities provided by Northeast Interactive Entertainment! Pick from a large selection and build your entertainment package with our activity specialist to make a trip full of lasting memories.

Northeast Interactive offers things as simple as sit-down trivia games to large and fun-filled game shows, scavenger hunts, murder mysteries, and other unique adventures made with your group in mind!

To receive a full list of over 20 different activities and games to schedule for your trip, please contact our activities specialist by phone at (570) 352-2539, or by email at

We hope to see you soon! 

Recommended Activities

Hilltop Scatter-Quest

Explore through mysterious halls and hidden corridors of the luxurious Hilltop Castle to piece together secret messages, complete an array of wacky challenges, and put your brains to the test in a series of mindgames. Fun for all ages with a little something for everyone to help contribute!

Mystery at Hilltop Castle

There has been a murder committed! All that’s left is a body and a group of clueless suspects. It is up to you and your group to explore clues and riddles throughout the Hilltop Castle in order to bring justice to the perpetrator! Suitable for adult groups and corporate groups.

Friendly Feud Game Show

It’s GAME SHOW NIGHT, live from Hilltop! You and your group will become “stars” on our very own rendition of this popular game show, complete with a game show podium that we send you up to in order to “play the Feud”! Survey questions can be edited to any group’s needs!

Game Show Mania

Compete in five different rounds of trivia based off of classic and beloved game show games! Questions can be edited to fit any group’s needs!